Course Description

This course examines a range of administrative and collaborative skills necessary for producing theatre works.  Among the areas that will be defined and discussed are marketing, budgeting, fundraising, staffing, and production management.  A variety of theatre-producing organisations (commercial, non-profit, university, and community) will be dissected to examine the assumptions which drive production decisions.  The nature and importance of a “mission statement” for producing bodies will be stressed, and organisational structures will be analysed. There will be a particular focus on the relationship between financial and physical resources and artistic vision.  The nature of theatrical production as a larger social force and the outreach potential of theatre pieces will also be explored.


6 MINUTE REPORT    (in class report and one page precis)​20%

BUDGETING PROJECT (budget spreadsheet and season proposal – partner project)​25%

MAJOR PROJECT     (10 point assessment and white paper, cover page, powerpoint)​40%

PARTICIPATION   (includes attendance & Thursday projects)​15%

Please make careful note of academic integrity guidelines at

DRAMA 348​ DUE Sept. 30 & Oct. 3


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